The Violent Cuddler

She creeps into the room as you are watching TV, oblivious.

She crawls into the couch and slithers upon your lap.

And suddenly, you are enveloped by arms and legs and pure heft.

You try and enjoy the attack, but you’ll know there will be bruises tomorrow.

The violent cuddled has struck again.



She looked at her Mom with disgust.

” Really? That’s what happens? Eewwwweeee!!!”

Her mom shrugged like it was no big deal . But it was a big deal, it was a very big deal.

She glared.

Her mom turned green and ran to the bathroom. She heard her puking in there.

And that was the first time she made someone puke with her mind.

To make sure, she made her dad puke that night, just got fun.

This was gonna be awesome!!!


They were her whole life.

She leaned down to kiss them on their foreheads and hefted a sigh that could only be felt by the deeply contented.

This was what she was put on earth to do.

Now that they slept, she could finally work. She went down to the basement.

Then she went lower. It was dank and dark. It was a place to hide.

She laid on the bed facing the webcam and turned it on. The man in control started speaking dirty to her immediately, telling her what to do. She did her job.

Then he started getting mean. It was ok, sometimes they did that, that’s why she made sure this was private.

He started speaking more personally to her. He told her about the tree at the park up the street. It made her shiver, but he was also her biggest client. She could hold on, just a little longer.

Then he sent the picture. And she let loose on him. She closed her eyes and when she opened them, the flash of black was missed by everyone left on the stream.

It was like he had never existed. She remembered, and that’s all that mattered.

Sometimes she felt the souls she devoured shift within her. A flash of her menace and they calmed down again.

Her children upstairs really were her world. She would do anything for them.

The Great Sarcasm

“ I want to be the CEO. You know, almost the boss but not quite.”

His mom nodded absent mindedly.

He got aggravated. This would not do, this would not do at all. This was almost as bad as when they interrupted, and they did that all the time.

“I am going to be CEO of a porn shop and I wont make much money but at least I will see naked ladies all day.”

“That’s nice, honey” His mom was still involved in her book.

“ Maybe if I disappear, you will notice me”

And so, it was. And she did notice. He came back when she called his name for dinner though.

But for those few minutes, he experienced real bliss for the first time in his life.

The first was far from the last.


She winked at me!

I finally got her attention and I blew it!

Well…. kinda.

I wanted this moment to last forever. Really. It meant that much to me.

I didn’t mean it.

I take it back! I will take it all back! I will ignore her for the rest of my life!

If you just make time go again.



The problem with being able to become older is the inability to erase the years after you add them.

It was great when I was young. Mom didn’t let me stay up late because I wasn’t old enough?


The teacher I liked only taught 8th grade?

Now I get her.

I cant drive my friends?

Yes I can.

Voting? Drinking? Renting a car?

Done, done, done.

I missed so many years.

Then the urge became more subtle. I wanted to be further in my career. I wanted to be old enough to attract the amazing man. I wanted to stop working.

I am 24 years old.

I look 61.

What happened?


Hmm, that was odd.

I swear that’s happened before.

Oh well, consider it déjà vu.


But… Oh wait.

There, that car passing that man walking the dog with the bird just so. I know I have seen that before.


Ok. I get it. Moving on.

Hold it….

That cat crossing the street…..


They say an elephant never forgets.

And that’s kinda sad. Because all I can do is forget, and I have never been happier.

It started when I was broken up with. They looked at me anxiously, as if they were waiting for my tears to fall.

And I just looked at them. I didn’t understand, who was he?

When it hurts too much, I forget the person entirely.

I just wandered out of the restaurant and back to my car.

I put it all together when I got home and Mom asked about my date. Oh well, alls well that ends well.

So now, I only remember the happy things. The first kiss butterflies, but not the sadness afterwards.

I hope the day never comes where I am just too sad to remember where I am.

I am not sure what will happen then. But that’s another story for another day.

Today, I am just thankful I can forget.

Street Magic

I don’t believe in magic. Never have, never will.

They are all explainable. All the tricks.

And I knew them all.

And then one day, I stopped trying.

I stopped counting, I stopped using slight of hand, I stopped using the subtle distraction.

And my magic still worked.

Every time.

So here I am, a 2 bit street magician who can preform real magic.

But I never wanted the big time, I am happy with the small gains.

Maybe the next time you visit Sin City you will meet me.

Maybe it will be someone else.

The biggest magic trick that I can preform for you anymore,

Is that you never know the difference.

Beauteous Nightmare

The girl barely took a breath as she went into intricate detail what a bitch her boss was. She had so much to say, and all of it was so petty.

I thought how much better I would feel if there was a wave of pimples gently cascading across her cheeks.

And the gasp and her running to the bathroom made me stop.


So the gentle soul who was patiently listening to her was giggling. The poor boy had a few major breakouts but nothing overly bad. I thought he should have clear skin and then it was.

What in the world.

Of course I thought about my fat going away, and that didn’t work.

But I do have the clearest skin of all.

And a hair trigger warning when it comes to revenge.